Poem on Onam

In Kerala's land, a festival of grace,
Onam arrives, a vibrant embrace.
Joyful hearts, a lively song,
Onam's spirit, forever strong.
Fields adorned with flowers rare,
Pookalams woven with utmost care.
Colors burst in nature's delight,
Onam's essence takes its flight.

The grand sadya, a feast so grand,
A symphony of flavors, a culinary stand.
Lush banana leaves, a serving space,
Onam spreads love in every trace.

Vallamkali's boats row in unity,
Rippling waters mirror the community.
A race of oars, a spirited display,
Onam unites, come what may.

The legend of Mahabali, so wise,
His benevolence reaches open skies.
A king who visits, a soul so dear,
Onam's legacy, year by year.

Dance of Pulikali, colors in the street,
Men become tigers, a lively beat.
Tradition and culture, hand in hand,
Onam's celebration paints the land.

So let the spirit of Onam shine,
In every heart, a radiant sign.
A festival of love, togetherness, and cheer,
Onam's blessings, far and near.
Shashikant N Sharma 'Sahil'

Poem on Sister

In bonds of love, a sister's grace,
A cherished presence, an endless embrace.
A friend from birth, through joy and strife,
A guiding star in the journey of life.

With laughter shared and secrets kept,
In her warm company, worries are swept.
A confidante true, a heart so kind,
In the tapestry of family, an intricate bind.

Through whispered stories in the night,
She paints the world with colors so bright.
Her gentle strength, a steady shore,
In times of turmoil, a refuge to explore.

With every smile, a memory made,
In every hurdle, her support displayed.
A sister's love, a treasure untold,
A bond that's precious, a story to be told.

So let us celebrate this cherished tie,
With grateful hearts and spirits high.
A sister's presence, a gift so rare,
In the garden of life, a bloom so fair.
Shashikant N Sharma 'Sahil'

Poem on School Bag

In the realm of learning, you stand so true,
My faithful companion, in hues of blue.
With straps that hug my shoulders tight,
You carry dreams and hopes in your quiet flight.

From the first bell's ring to the final chime,
You hold my world in rhythm and rhyme.
Books and pencils neatly tucked inside,
A universe of knowledge, open wide.

In your pockets, secrets whispered and shared,
Treasures of friendship, moments that were dared.
Stitched with memories, patches of time,
You've been witness to stories, both simple and sublime.

Oh, school bag, bearer of burdens and delight,
You're a vessel of wonder, day and night.
On this journey of discovery we partake,
You're a trusted friend, a choice I'll never forsake.

From classroom to playground, you travel with me,
A constant reminder of possibilities to see.
With each zipper's song and every gentle sway,
You remind me that learning's light guides the way.

So, here's to you, dear school bag, strong and steady,
A symbol of growth, and knowledge so heady.
You've been more than just a bag, it's clear,
A vessel of dreams, and memories held dear.
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Shashikant N Sharma 'Sahil'

Poem on Mother

In the embrace of tender love's embrace,
A guiding star, a gentle grace,
A mother's heart, a boundless sea,
A source of strength eternally free.

With hands that soothe and heal all pain,
A lullaby to soothe life's strain,
Her laughter dances, like a song,
A melody to which we all belong.

Through every trial, storm, and night,
She stands as our unwavering light,
A pillar of strength, fierce and true,
A love that endless miles pursue.

Her touch, a balm, in times of strife,
She shapes the tapestry of life,
A sculptor crafting futures bright,
Guiding us through day and night.

Oh, mother dear, your love untold,
A treasure chest of stories old,
In every hug, in every word,
A symphony of love is heard.

In your embrace, we find our home,
A sanctuary where hearts roam,
A mother's love, forever deep,
A bond no distance e'er can sweep.

So let us honor, let us adore,
The love a mother freely pours,
In every smile, in every tear,
A love that transcends all we fear.

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Shashikant N Sharma 'Sahil'

Poem on Sky

Above us stretches an endless canvas of blue,
A realm of wonder, ever changing and true.
The sky, a masterpiece in hues so grand,
A symphony of colors across the land.

Morning's gentle brushstrokes paint it with gold,
As dawn's tender light starts to unfold.
A canvas of pink, orange, and softest red,
A masterpiece of nature as we lift our heads.

Noonday sun reigns with its brilliant light,
A boundless expanse, a wondrous sight.
Azure and cobalt, a cerulean sea,
A sanctuary of dreams where our spirits can be free.

At twilight, the sky transforms once more,
As stars emerge, like jewels they soar.
Midnight's tapestry, a celestial ballet,
In the arms of darkness, they dance and sway.

Clouds drift like thoughts across this dome,
A canvas alive, in constant roam.
From storms that rage to gentle white wisps,
The sky tells stories, in each cloud's twists.

So let us gaze upon this vast display,
In daylight's glow or night's array.
The sky, a masterpiece, a canvas divine,
A reminder of beauty in every line. 
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Shashikant N Sharma 'Sahil'

Poem on School

In the hallowed halls where knowledge thrives,
Amidst the laughter and boundless lives,
Stands a place of growth and inspiration,
A sanctuary for minds' liberation.

A school, a beacon of learning's light,
A haven where futures take their flight,
With walls that echo the footsteps of time,
And corridors humming with rhythm and rhyme.

Within these walls, young hearts ignite,
Ignite with curiosity, passion, and might,
Teachers guide, like beacons of wisdom,
Illuminating minds through each lesson's prism.

In classrooms, dreams are born anew,
Imagination soars, ambitions accrue,
From math to art, science to prose,
Boundless opportunities our minds expose.

Friends gather here, forging lifelong bonds,
Through shared experiences, laughter responds,
In playgrounds, friendships bloom and grow,
Creating memories that forever glow.

School is a journey, an adventurous ride,
Where knowledge is sought with unyielding stride,
Lessons extend far beyond textbooks' sway,
Teaching resilience, compassion every day.

With each sunrise, a new chapter unfolds,
Unveiling mysteries, stories yet untold,
As we embrace the gifts this place bestows,
The world becomes our stage, a path that glows.

Oh, school, a cherished place we adore,
Where we find our voices, forever more,
With grateful hearts, we'll always proclaim,
School, the foundation of our endless aim.
Shashikant N Sharma 'Sahil'

Poem on Pen

Oh, humble pen, a tool so fine,
Inscribed with ink, a writer's shrine,
With each stroke of thy steady hand,
You bring forth thoughts from mind to land.

In black or blue, you write with ease,
Your form so sleek, you please and please,
From quill to ballpoint, you have come,
To bring forth ideas, and make them one.

You've signed a treaty, sealed a deal,
Written love letters, made hearts feel,
You've etched history into our minds,
And left a legacy for all mankind.

You are a writer's best friend,
A companion until the very end,
With you by our side, we can aspire,
To write our dreams and never tire.

So let us hold you with great care,
And let your ink, our thoughts, declare,
For in each stroke, we find our voice,
And with you, we make a lasting choice.. 
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Shashikant N Sharma 'Sahil'